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December 2009

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Day Eleven

So... I totally haven't kept up with this journal!  But that's okay, I suppose, only because I am on track...

I weight 132.6... yay!
To meed my goal for the week, I need to be 131 by Sunday.

I've been eating... just not much. I try to be active, but my meds make me tired. I try anyway... I cleaned some in my room, washed towels, walked to the mail box. I plan to do more, I just need a cup of coffee.

The thing that I am most happy about is the fact that I am no longer considered overweight. I fall into the normal range... that's gross, but I'm on the right path, right?

My mother is talking about making grits and I need to find my way out of it. I kind of just want to go back to bed. It's rainy and murky outside.

Today I ate:
Sunbutter sandwhich with grape jelly
* I only used a teaspoon of the butter and even less of the jelly.


I'm doing what I said I was going to do... yayyyyy. Bleh... I feel kind of gross right now. I jumped on the mini trampoline for 30 minutes and did about 15 standing push ups, 150 crunches and punched the air a bit.

Since I DID decide to eat grits... with scrambled eggs and tomatoes. It wasn't a lot, I know that, but hopefully my exercise is enough to undo the food I ate today. Ugh.... I couldn't begin to say how much I want this now. 14 lbs. and I'll be okay with my weight... I'll be much happier, just because I think I'll have more confidence.

I want to wake up early in the morning to get a shower. I barely ever shower anymore... I know it's gross, but I just haven't cared about my appearance. I mean, I'll wash my hair, but that's about it. Ugh, I'm grossssss. I'll probably wait until 10:30 to take my seroquel since it knocks me out. I think I'm actually going to study. I just have to get my books out of the car.

Oh, and tomorrow I need to go get pepper spray. I'm still afraid that guy is going to jump me or something.